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Mussini Black Balsamic Dressing

Mussini Black Balsamic Dressing

Mussini's Dark Balsamic Dressing is imported from Italy and sent to you to enjoy. This Italian balsamic dressing is great on salads, raw or cooked vegetables, poultry and red meat. The balsamic dressing has a slight sweetness making it perfect for those who like their food on the sweet side. 

The Mussini's Black Balsamic dressing comes in a spray bottle making it easier for you to use and reduces the pouring of unused dressing. The spray allows you to get a consistant coating of vinegar on your food.

If you're looking for healthy alternative to ranch dressing you've found it. Mussini's Black Balsamic Dressing is low in calories and is all-natural!

 8.45 oz of delicious aged balsamic vinegar.

Ingredients: Balsamic Vinegar


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Ingredients for Mussini Black Balsamic Dressing

concentrated grape must, balsamic vinegar of Morona, (wine vinegar, grape must), contains sulfites.
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