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The Big Poppa Smokers brand of award-winning rubs and seasoning hit the ground in 2011 and have been changing the flavor profile in competition and backyard BBQ ever since. Big Poppa Smokers rubs have had a hand in winning nearly every major BBQ competition: The Jack Daniel's Invitational, Houston Livestock & Rodeo Show, American Royal Open, American Royal Invitational, Kingsford Invitational, and King of the Smoker. From elite BBQ teams to backyard BBQ enthusiasts, Big Poppa Smokers rubs have a flavor profile for everyone. BPS Championship BBQ Rubs also work wonders in the kitchen; restaurants and caterers from across the country use Big Poppa's rubs on their menu items. Quickly and easily enhance the flavor profile of your food with our BBQ Rubs.

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  • Cuckoo Racha Chili Dust Seasoning - 4.8oz

    Cuckoo Racha Chili Dust Seasoning - 4.8oz

    Cuckoo Racha Chili Dust is a burst of warmth in your mouth when added to your favorite cuts of meat. Spice up your chavelas, ceviche, veggies, or even prime rib, Cuckoo Racha Chilli Dust works as a great mutipurpose chili dust too!

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  • "Beefy" Stainless Steel Grill Grate

    "Beefy" Stainless Steel Grill Grate

    Keep on smokin' easy with stainless steel grill grates for your drum smoker. Beefy SS Grill Grates are durable and easy to clean. Order today!

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  • "Beefy" Stainless Steel Charcoal Nest

    "Beefy" Stainless Steel Charcoal Nest

    Grab a durable stainless steel charcoal nest to use as a replacement part or upgrade in your BPS Drum Smoker kit. It's been deisgned to provide you with years of easy charcoal clean up and housing. Order today! 

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  • Rib Hanging Rack Kit - Stainless Steel

    Rib Hanging Rack Kit - Stainless Steel

    Hang ribs, brisket, and other meats in a 55-gal drum smoker with our heavy-duty SS meat hanging kit. Hanging meat up to smoke in a drum smoker allows heat to encircle meat 360º and instantly increases your drum smoker's cooking capacity. Order today! 

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  • Big Poppa's Injection Bundle

    Big Poppa's Injection Bundle

    Turn out top pork, beef, and chicken results with Big Poppa's Injection Bundle. Featuring Big Poppa's new Chicken Prod Injection, Pork Prod Pork Injection, and Cattle Prod Beef Injection, you'll be improving the flavor in your BBQ recipes after one use! Grab this amazing bundle today for irresistible BBQ results.

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  • Chicken Prod Injection - 16oz

    Chicken Prod Injection - 16oz

    Avoid the pain of dry, flavorless chicken and turn out top chicken results with Big Poppa's Chicken Prod. Enjoy award-winning flavor in every bite of your juicy, flavorful chicken.

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  • Pork Prod Pork Injection - 16oz

    Pork Prod Pork Injection - 16oz

    Get the tender, juicy and flavorful pork results you've been seeking with BPS Pork Prod Pork Injection. Pork Prod boost the natural flavor and moisture of pork providing your with irresistible pork results. Pump up your pork recipes with Pork prod Injection.

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  • Comp BBQ T-Shirt


    Special Price $8.99

    Comp BBQ T-Shirt

    Where are all the competition BBQ cooks? Big Poppa has designed this BBQ t-shirt with competition BBQ cooks in mind. It's sure to get you laughs at your next competition.

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