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Big Poppa's Injection Bundle

Big Poppa's Injection Bundle

Improve the flavor in your pork recipes and turn out award-winning BBQ brisket with Big Poppa’s Injection Bundle. Enjoy the combined power of Big Poppa’s Pork Prod and Cattle Prod Injection in one powerful bundle.

Turn out tender, juicy pork results full of flavor with Pork Prod or cook up award-winning brisket full of moisture with Cattle Prod, and for those who can’t decide, why not cook both? You’ll turn out top BBQ results when using any of Big Poppa’s BBQ Injections. Big Poppa’s Injections have been tested by top BBQ pitmasters, so you know they won't let you down.

Pork Prod: Pork Prod Injection boost the flavor, moisture and texture of your pork recipes providing you with top pork results - ribs, pork butt, pork loins, everything pork will taste, feel and look better with Pork Prod injection. Pork Prod Injection will have everyone convinced that you're the best pork cook in town.

Cattle Prod: Cattle Prod will bring out natural beef flavors you didn’t even know existed on anything beef, especially brisket! Cattle Prod has proven to boost the flavor, tenderness and color in anything beef in both backyard and competition BBQ. Cattle Prod is an award-winning injection that never fails to deliver top results, consider this beef injection your secret ingredient for perfect brisket results.

Whether if you’re cookin’ in your backyard or in a competition, Big Poppa’s BBQ injections will improve your BBQ recipes and without any harsh chemical flavoring. Grab Big Poppa’s injection bundle and turn your BBQ recipes from average to extraordinary.

Don’t miss out on this amazing BPS Injection bundle. It’s only here for a limited time!


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