Big Poppa BBQ Mat 9" x 9"

Stop your food from falling through the cracks with Big Poppa BBQ Mats. Their non-stick surface makes flipping a breeze, and clean up is even easier! You'll never want to grill without your Big Poppa BBQ Mat again. 
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Are you tired of the mess food leaves on your grill? Is your food falling through the cracks? 

Fear no more Big Poppa BBQ Mats are here to save your food from falling too its fiery doom, and make clean up as easy as 1,2,3. Big Poppa BBQ Cooking Mats have a non-stick surface that allow you to easily wash food off your mat with a simple wash in the sink, outside with a hose, or even in the dishwasher. The structure of the mats  also prevents food from falling through the cracks, so none goes to waste.

Big Poppa Cooking Mats are reusable, and durable, they last many years and don't require much care. 

Save your precious food and time with a Big Poppa BBQ Cooking Mat. 

Use mats with caution, they have been designed for indirect heat up to 500F. 

The Big Poppa BBQ Mats featured on this page measure in at a versatile 9"x9", usable on many different grills or smokers!

More Information
Brand Big Poppa BBQ Mats
Extra notes FDA certified
Temperature range Use mats with caution, they have been designed for indirect heat up to 500F.
Overall dimensions 9" X 9"
Model 425FMX

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