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BBQ Dragon Fan

BBQ Dragon Fan

Get your lump charcoal or briquettes started faster than ever with the innovative BBQ Dragon Fan by your side. No chimney starter or lighter fluid alone can compete with how quick the BBQ Dragon Fan gets fire going. The BBQ Dragon Fan gets charcoal flames started in minutes, revives smouldering fires, and helps control the heat of grills and smokers. It’s a BBQ tool every charcoal cook needs!

How does it work? The BBQ Dragon fan helps ignite and maintain fire by delivering a large volume of cool air at a low velocity without blowing ash all over the place, this provides the fire with more oxygen allowing the coals to burn hotter and faster.

What makes the BBQ Dragon Fan better than a regular fan? Glad you asked, here are the incredible features that make the BBQ Dragon fan one of a kind:

High Powered Fan - The BBQ Dragon Fan has been tested and perfected to provide you with efficient, high quality motor. It offers long run times and durability.

Battery Operated - No need to worry about extension cords or plugs, move as freely as you like.

Portable - Being battery operated makes this BBQ fan perfect for tailgates, camping and cook outs. It’s compact structure makes it easy to take anywhere.

Hands-free & Versatile - The heat-resistant clamps on the BBQ Dragon fan allows you to clip the fan onto most charcoal grills, smokers, wood stoves and fire pits so you don’t have to hold it while in use. The clamps feature a grill lock design to assure they hold on tight and reduce movement. No need to worry about the BBQ Dragon Fan slipping off while in use.

Variable speed control - You’ll have total control of your fire by being able to lower and raise the velocity of the BBQ Dragon Fan.

Durable & Heat-Resistant - The BBQ Dragon offers stainless steel construction for max durability. The only plastic you’ll find are the clamps and on the back of the fan. This black plastic is heat resistant to take on even the strongest of fires. The BBQ dragon Fan was built to last.

Micro USB Port - This port allows you to recharge optional NiMh batteries (USB cable and rechargeable batteries not included.)

Easy to use - The flexible neck on the BBQ dragon give you the flexibility you need to control your flames and allows you to adjust the fan.

Avoid the pain of waiting for your charcoal to start and start cooking faster than ever - Ignite, control and maintain your flames with the BBQ Dragon fan. The best BBQ charcoal accessory for charcoal grill fanatics. Get yours today!


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BBQ Dragon Fan vs. Lighter Fluid vs. Charcoal Chimney

Watch the guys over at BBQ Dragon demonstrate how effective the BBQ Dragon fan really is! You'll see how fast the BBQ Dragon Fan can get charcoal flames going compared to other charcoal starters.

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