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Big Poppa Smokers is proud to offer a quality knife and cutlery selection created to bring ease to all prepping task and suited for all kinds of cooks - from outdoor BBQ chefs to indoor cooks. Shop top cutlery brands such as Messermeister Four Seasons knives, the Park Plaza knives, the Meridian Elite knives and F.Dick knives. Featuring fillet knives, boning knives, slicers, and chef's knives of all sizes, you are sure to find a knife that works for you. Big Poppa's favorite is the Meridian Elite Flexible Boning Knife, a great knife for trimming brisket. 

Best Sellers

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Items 1 to 8 of 38 total

Best Sellers

8 per page

Items 1 to 8 of 38 total


About Knives

Big Poppa Smokers offers the best BBQ knives for any BBQ meat task.

Big poppa Smokers is proud to offer a wide selection of the best knives available for BBQ meat task. You’ll find three lines of high-quality German Messermeister knives in our selection of top-rated professional BBQ knives: Meridian Elite, Park Plaza, and Four Seasons. The Messermeister knives featured have been hand-crafted from the finest quality materials to provide you with the best and sharpest blade possible. The BBQ knives from our selection of the best knives for barbecue will enhance your meat prepping experience making it easier and faster than ever.

You’ll find a BBQ knife for any BBQ meat task: carving knives, trimming knives, slicing knives, paring knives, boning knives, fillet knives, chef’s knives, any knife you’re looking for you’ll find at Big Poppa Smokers online BBQ store. The featured BBQ knives will cut, slice, or trim through even the toughest slabs of meat with little effort from you thanks to their carefully crafted serrated blade that makes them sharper than most knives around.

Any of our featured high-quality knives can be used effortlessly by any type of cook: backyard BBQ cooks, competition BBQ professionals, everyday kitchen cooks and professional chef’s. The featured BBQ knives are used by professionals across the culinary world for their ability to provide the best cuts - After using one of our featured professional BBQ knives, you’ll never look back at another knife again.

Invest in your BBQ passion and grab some high-quality knives that will last years. You’ll be prepping meat faster and easier than ever before. Shop Big Poppa Smokers selection of the best quality knives, knife sets, knife sharpeners and meat trimmers for barbecue, all approved by Big Poppa himself. Quality and durability is what you’ll find in our selection of the best BBQ knives.

Top Picks
Meridian Elite 6" Flexible Boning Knife

A boning knife that has proven to tackle the toughest boning task with ease.

Messermeisters Meridian Elite Flexible Boning Knife does an exceptional job at seperating meat from bone with it's high-quality sharp blade and it's ergonomic non-slip handle that will have you doing any boning task faster than with a cheap commercial knife.

Messermeisters heavy-duty boning knife was hand-crafted to be a flexible and provide comfort to cooks everywhere. It allows you to tackle even the toughest task with ease, that's why the Meridian Elite Flexible Boning Knife is one of Big Poppa's favoirte knives for trimming meats.

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Meridian Elite Messermeister Knife Set

Are you tired of replacing your knives every few years?

Investing in a top of the line Messermeister knife set will save you money and the pain of searching for new knives.

Messermeister knives have proven to provide BBQ cooks, kitchen cooks, and professional chefs with years of quality with proper care.

The Meridian Elite Messermeister 5-Piece Knife Set includes all the knives a cook needs including - a spear point paring knife, boning knife, kullenschliff santoku, fillet knife, slicer, and it all comes in a heavy duty, on the go knife bag.

This set of professional knives are a one time buy that will change your cooking life for the better.

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Messermeister Four Seasons 10'' Scimitar Knife

One of Big Poppa's favorite all-purpose knives.

The Messermeister Four Seasons Scimitar Knife is one of Big Poppa's favorite knives because of it's versatility, durability and affordability.

This knife stays under $50 and for the quality it offers, it's a steal! The high-quality Scimitar knife handles all cutting task with ease - slicing and trimming are no challenge for this heavy-duty knife.

This all-purpose Messermeister knife features a handle that makes it easy to use and it can withhold everyday use making it a top pick at Big Poppa Smokers.

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Qwick Trim Brisket Trimmer

Trim your meats in minutes with this innovative tool!

The QwickTrim Brisket Trimmer is the fastest, safest and easiest tool to use for trimming all kinds of meats.

It's ergonomic handles makes this BBQ trimming tool easy to use and its surgical blade is no match for any trimming task - fat caps, silver skin and chicken skins are all easily trimmed with this innovative tool.

With this brisket trimmer by your side, you'll be trimming meats at a BBQ pro level in no time. Add this BBQ tool to your BBQ tool collection to cut your trimming time in half.

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Meridian Elite 3.5" Spear Point Paring Knife

I love this little paring knife. I use it almost daily and it has stayed pretty sharp. It's one of the best knives I own!

- Jessie

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Work Sharp Knife Sharpener Ken Onion Edition

We have sharpened with the edge pro for years. It worked fantastic but was very time consuming. The Ken Onion Work Sharp does it in a few minutes. If we could only keep one it would be the Ken Onion.

- Jims Barbecue

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