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Cutlery & Accessories

Smokin' Easy, Easy Smokin'

Great BBQ requires great tools. The BBQ Accessories that Big Poppa offers in his store have been tried and true for the backyard and the competition circuit. From Big Poppa’s cooking mats and grill covers to gloves and grill brushes, Big Poppa Smokers has everything you need to round out your BBQ toolbox.

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Messermeister Cutlery

When it comes to knives, Big Poppa uses Messermeister: a premier brand of authentic German Knives that still utilizes the the original hot drop, hammer forged, manufacturing process. With three series offered, Messermeister offers everything from professional chef’s knives to pizza wheels in a variety of price points.

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BBQ Vortex

BBQ Vortex

 The BBQ Vortex is an innovative BBQ tool that every BBQ Drum Smoker needs. You'll be able to take control of the fire in your UDS smoker and redirect it for searing, indirect cooking, and more. The BBQ vortex will save you money and help you turn out delicious food. 

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Knife Sharpeners

Knife Sharpeners

Don't let your knives get dull - invest in a knife sharpener today. The featured knife sharpeners are the best knife sharpening systems available, and they're all Big Poppa approved. 

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A-Maze-N Products

A-Maze-N Products

Want more smoke in your BBQ? A-Maze-N products are perfect for smoking with pellets, including cold smoking. You'll be saving money on fuel and turning out your best smoky results with little effort. 

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Grab some Big Poppa Smokers BBQ apparel. You'll find BBQ t-shirts, hats, aprons and sweatshirts with exclusive BPS designs. Barbecue in style with BPS gear, the same BBQ gear the BPS competition BBQ team wears. 

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Big Poppa Mats

Big Poppa’s Mats

Designed for indirect smoking or grilling, Big Poppa’s BBQ Mats are the best non-stick solution for your grill or smokers surface. These cooking mats are perfect for small or fragile items such as fish or appetizers. Avoid food from sticking to your grates and falling through the cracks with Big Poppa's BBQ mats. 

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MAK Accessories

MAK Accessories

Customize your MAK Grills with the lastest MAK Grill accessories. Shop from a variety of accessories from racks to MAK Grills Remote Boss to fully customize your MAK grill to suit your BBQ needs. Accessories available for multiple MAK Grill models. Shop USA made MAK Grill accessories today. 

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GrillGrates are the must have accessory if you want to sear your food at high temperatures. While the GrillGrate converts the heat from your smoker into infrared heat, it also blocks flareups while retaining juices for added moisture and flavor. Made of anodized aircraft grade aluminum that will never rust, GrillGrates come in a variety of sizes and will last a lifetime.

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Big Poppa Smokers offers a variety of gloves to protect your hands while handling hot BBQ and to keep food safe and sanitary. Shop Big Poppa Smokers selection of FDA approved BBQ gloves for safe cooking. 

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Disposable Cutting Boards

Disposable Cutting Boards

Babecue can be messy, and these disposable cutting boards make clean-up a breeze. 

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Meathead BBQ Book 

Meathead has done his BBQ research and shares his knowledge through a series of delicious barbecue recipes, BBQ techniques for grilling and smoking, and debunked BBQ myths. Meathead's BBQ book offers foolproof advice for grilling/smoking the best backyard BBQ - and it's all backed up by science! This BBQ book is a must have for serious backyard BBQ cooks.

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BBQ Cookbooks

BBQ Cookbooks

Learn tips, tricks, BBQ recipes and BBQ secrets from one of BBQ's greatest pitmasters.

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Meat Injectors

Meat Injectors

Barbecue cooks everywhere from backyard to compeittion BBQ choose to add deep flavor to their meats by using meat injectors. Our meat injector options are Big Poppa approved and used by our very own competition BBQ team. 

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Big Poppa Smokers offers the Solo sprayer . Perfect for misting pork butt, ribs, briskets, or any BBQ that needs moisture while you're smoking. 

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Qwick Trim

Qwick Trim

Start trimming your meats in minutes with a Quick Trim Brisket Trimmer. It's possibly the fastest, easiest, safest and most effective way to trim fat caps from any slab of meat. It was created by BBQ Pitmasters for BBQ Pitmasters, in both competition and backyard BBQ.

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Unknown BBQ

Unknown BBQ

The Unknown BBQ competition team has designed a BBQ accessory that will change the way you use your chimney starter forever, the Chimney Griller. Start using your chimney starter for more than just lighting charcoal and turn it into a fast grilling machine with this chimney starter grate.

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Cutlery & Accessories

About Cutlery & Accessories
Cutlery & Accessories


Being the one stop online BBQ store Big Poppa Smokers is, we offer every BBQ tool you could ever need to become a BBQ guru. Do all your backyard barbecue shopping on one site with no need of having to search around because Big Poppa Smokers has the best BBQ products. Everything in our online BBQ store has been tried, tested, and approved by Big Poppa himself! 

We have all the BBQ tools & accessories you'll need; from high-quality German Messermeister knives for trimming meat, to Big Poppa's grill cooking mats and even BBQ t-shirts. BBQ gloves, meat injectors, sharpening stones, grill cleaning brushes, MAK Grill accessories, we've got it all. Shop our selection of BBQ tools & accessories to better your backyard barbecue experience today. 

Top Picks
Chop's Power Injector

Forget your old syringe injection and get on board with the newest and most effective way to inject BBQ meats, Chop's Power Injector System.

User's of the Chop's Power Injector System claim that this is the best injector they've ever used, with claims like that people are rushing in to get their hands on this easy to use injector system making this BBQ accessory a top seller.

Chop's Power Injector System injects meat with 4 bore needles helping you prep meat 4x faster when compared to a single syringe! It's easy to use and you'll be injecting flavor into your meats deeper than ever before. Cut your prepping time in half and enhance the flavor in your BBQ with the innovative Chop's Power Injector System.

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Grizzly Coolers

Big Poppa Smokers Cooking Mats

Are you tired of scrubbing food off your grill? Leave the scrubbing in the past with an easy to clean Big Poppa BBQ Grill Mat.

Big Poppa Grilling Mats are 100% non-stick making them perfect for smoking or grilling delicate food items such as veggies and fish. The BBQ cooking mat will keep your smaller food items from falling through the cracks and cleaning the Big Poppa Grill Mat is almost effortless all you need is some water and it's ready to go for it's next use. 

Best of all, these BBQ grill mats were made to withstand daily use, so you can use them again and again. Save your precious food and time by grilling/smoking with a durable Big Poppa Grill Mat.

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Messermeister Knives

Big Poppa Smokers carries three lines of high-quality Messermeister knives and all of them are top sellers.

The three featured Messermeister knife lines are Meridian Elite, Park Plaza, and Four Seasons. These authentic German knives are hand-crafted by utilizing the hot drop hammer forged manufacturing process and are made of only the finest quality materials to ensure durability.

Whether if you need a knife for carving, cutting, slicing or filleting, there's a knife suitable for every cook at Big Poppa Smokers.

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BBQ Vortex

Really cool product, it gives you a lot of options to control the fire in your drum smoker.

- Jon

Learn More About the BBQ Vortex
Big Poppa BBQ Mat 21.5" x 19.5"

This mat fits the entire surface area of the MAK 2 pellet grill. They keep small things from failing through the grills, and make rolling items over, like veggies a bit easier.

- James

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Smoky Mountain Disposable Cutting Boards

If you're tired of scrubbing cutting boards, get this product now... it works great.

- passingthrough

Learn More About the Smoky Mountain Disposable Cutting Boards
Brushtech BBQ Cleaning Brush

I gotta say it was worth every penny! I have bought some from department stores and nothing compares to this one!!

- Pete79

Learn More About the Brushtech BBQ Cleaning Brush