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Back in 1955, Betsy and Dave Wilcox were looking for a way to add savory flavor to their inexpensive meat dinners. They experimented with different flavors until they perfected their famous brisket BBQ sauce. Great on more than just brisket, Gold Buckle Brisket BBQ Sauce/Marinade adds 5-star restaurant flavor to plain meats; a flavor and moisture other BBQ sauces can't achieve. Shop at Big Poppa Smokers for the brisket sauce that will effortlessly help you become a BBQ pro. 

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  • Allegro Gold Buckle Brisket Sauce - 16oz

    Allegro Gold Buckle Brisket Sauce - 16oz

    A brisket sauce that's sure to change how your family views you on the grill - Using Gold Buckle Brisket Sauce will make you an instant BBQ Pro and add mind-blowing tenderness and flavor to your BBQ brisket.

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