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Burgundy Pepper Baja Steaks
Here is the marinade I tossed into the marinade express for 24 minutes:1/2 teaspoon salt1/4 teaspoon pepper1 clove garlic,...
Burgundy Pepper Tri Tip ala Memphis Grill
OK I think I have the perfect pellet tri tip reicpe...On this one I used a pre marinated Burgundy...
Burgundy Pepper Tri-Tip
Burgundy Pepper Tri-Tip, Baked Beans, Santa Fe Cesar, Jensens Garlic Bread
Butterflied Chicken
Inject, apply rub, cook, enjoy.
Cast Iron Beef Brisket
Here's another method of doing beef brisket. Told to me by a co-worker who tasted it at David's...
Cast Iron Strube Ranch Wagyu Brisket
This is a dealer for Memphis recipe that I gave a try with a few twists.Pre heat your smoker...
Cedar plank Salmon
Heat the Mak grill to 500. Soak the cedar plank in water for 2 hours.Lie the salmon on the...
Cheeseburger Fattie
Thick sliced bacon lattice sprinkled with Montreal steak seasoningRoll out 2 lbs hamburger meatAdd bacon slices cooked earlier on...
Cherry Chocolate Cake
Baking this summer? When it's hot outside do your baking outside!Here's an easy cake for you CHOCOHOLICS. Chocolate...
Chicken bacon fattie
Well I seen a few fatties so I thought I would try my own.4 boneless Chicken breast1 lbs bacon3...
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