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BBQ Chicken
Tried a new technique I saw the other night. Rub the boneless chicken breasts with EVOO & add salt...
BBQ Chicken
Just plain old BBQ Chicken - wings, thighs, and legs.Smeared w/ mayo and sprinkled w/ Plowboy's Yardbird rub.Cooked on...
BBQ Chicken Wings
Coat chicken wings with mayoSprinkle with Cookshack spicy chicken rubCook on Frogmats for 75 minutesDunk in BBQ sauce and...
BBQ Kielbasa & Beans
I knew it was going to be a cold busy weekend, so I pulled my last package of homemade...
BBQ Smoked Bologna
Bought a 2 lb chub of beef German bologna at the deli. Scored the top, applied...
BBQ Smoked Chicken Burritos
These were fun & easy to make, and came out very tasty. We used organic chicken tender breasts...
Beach Briskit
Got another small briskit going today for a beach vacation on sat. Again i used Tasty Licks. On my...
Beef Jerky
preheat your smoker to 160..if you are using a mak then use your warming drawer....Take some flank steak and...
Beef Jerky

Beef Jerky

OK, saw Jromano & BP's post of jerky & had to try it. We have a couple of good...
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