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Spiral sliced Ham
Picked up a precooked ham and smoked it!1 hour on smoke, 3 hours at 275.Applied the glaze 10 minutes...
Spring Lamb Chops!!!!!!!
When you get true Spring Lamb you should always buy it. It is truly the best. I...


Bring Steak to room temp. Preheat grill to 500F ande stabilize.Brush steak with canola oil both sides. Season with...
Steak Dinner
Had some thick top sirloin to grill up today.Baked some potatoes at 375 for about an hour.Then grilled the...
Strube Ranch Wagyu Tenderloin
Preheated Memphis Pro to 300Trimmed up the beautiful Strube Ranch Wagyu Tenderloin..They need a better was way more...
Strube Ranch Wagyu Tip Tip
OK Preheated the Memphis Pro to 225. Trimmed the Strube Ranch Wagyu Tri Tip. Seasoned with 3 Eyes...
Stuffed Anaheims
I made a stuffing mixture of pork and beef..added 1 cup of beer mixed with Harley's dry rub. Browned...
Stuffed Fattie
First Fattie!Started with Bacon LatticeUsed 50/50 mix of fresh grind hot and mild italian sausage from local deliSautéed red...
Stupid Turkey
I call this Stupid Turkey because it is so good and so easy it's stupid.Preheat the smoker to 250coat...
Surf & Turf
I rubbed the ribeyes with olive oil, sprinkled with kosher salt and cracked black pepper. Smoked in the drum...
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