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Smoky Meatloaf
Take your favorite meatloaf recipe and place on the Egg. I like to use a 1:1 ratio of...
Smoky Pineapple Upside-Down Cake
Over the years I've baked several of these cakes in a regular oven, but cooking one on the grill...
Some Beef Fajitas
I marinaded some flat iron steaks in Andrea's steak sauce, sprinkled the sliced onions and peppers with olive oil,...
Sopressata Wrapped Scallop
ScallopSopressataPasta OrecchetteWrap scallop in Sopressata using toothpicks to hold.Place on Frog Mat for 7 minutes.Cook pasta al dente. ...
Spare Ribs

Spare Ribs

First try with the smoker. Tasted good, excited to try new things. Not really sure how I did it....
Spare Ribs
Added a mixture of left over dry rubs and sprayed wit Pam. Threw em on the PK on the...


To add an extra layer of flavor to the ribs, I brushed them with bacon drippings. Then sprinkled with...
Spatchcock Chicken
Spatchcock chicken...the first thing I ever tried smoking.I cut out the backbone of the chicken and flattened it out....
Spatchcock Turkey
Spatchcock....Was once the secret of Smokers....Now Martha Stewart has touted it and its hip. Why? Because its the...
Spicy Garlic Chicken Caesar Wrap
Marinated the chicken in a Ginger Mandarin Dressing. Then pre-heated Mak to 350 - I then did some...
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