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Sweet Potatoes with orange-pecan butter
Sweet Potatoes, with oil and salt outside skinWe started the potatoes whole and ended up cutting them in half...
Swordfish ala wee willy
OK I got Wee Willy's White Sauce and His Steak seasoning that has garlic pepper orange and lemon...sounded good...
There are two schools of thought on how to cook the perfect steak.On even numbered months I seem to...


This is the 2nd time I cooked steak on the portable kitchen. Was pretty simple. Added montreal steak rub...
T-Rex New York Steak
Ok In Beautiful Pauma Valley getting ready for Thanksgiving...Just wanted a steak. Fired up the little mini egg...
Tasty Breasts
Seasoned The Breasts with Lemon Pepper, Garlic Salt, and a sprinkle of Paprika. Smoked the Chicken on the...
Tater Skins
Cooked some russet potatoes in the microwave.Cut in half and scooped out the middle.Fill with shredded cheese, bacon.Sprinkle with...
Tenderloin Again!
OK The German Grill arrived today and I thought I would break it in with a little Balsamic glazed...
The "Burger"
Grind chuck roast & form 1/2 lb. patties coating with Worcestershire sauce & garlic pepper. Cook patties on Grill...
Traeger/Bradley Bologna
I mixed up 6 pounds of Amish style bologna, emulsified it and stuffed into casings. I did 2 chubs...
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