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Ribs on the Pro
Sauce style ribs. Low and slow. Rub down and smoke for 2 hours then flip and sauce...
edited 7-4-2010preheat the smoker to 225- 250 You chooseprepare the ribs with Frenches "glue" Mustard Used bone sucking...
roasted apple chicken thighs
Ok breaking in the German Grill and a new camera...Took some thighs and dusted them with a new spice...
Rookie Rib Roast
This was my first attempt at smoking &cooking a rib roast. Hence the name.I started with an almost 7...
Rosemary Ribeye
Picked up some grass fed Ribeyes from Whole Paycheck. Marinated them in Olive Oil, Fresh Thyme and Rosemary, Kosher...


-Godiva Chocolate-Graham Crackers-MarshmallowPlace one graham cracker + chocolate + marshmallow on the Frog mat for 5 minutes or until...
Rub with melted butter, dried rosemary and basil, Light red pepper flakes, fresh garlic, garlic powder and Tiger Sauce,...
Sangrita Sauce Fish Tostadas
For the Fish:2lbs of red snapper, sea bass, or other mild-flavored white fish fillets. 1 tablespoon extra-virgin olive oil...
Shredded Beef
Took an arm roast from our organic grass fed beef and wanted to make some shredded beef sammies!rubbed beef...
Shrimp Ala Caesar
Get the biggest Shrimp you can find....clean and de vein and rinse with cold water. Feed the shrimp on...
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