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Rasted Garlic Mustard Crusted Rack
This is a rack of Berkshire Kurobota Pork....The Kobe of Pork....Very very nice and tender pork.Light CharcoalSpread evenly roasted...
Reverse Sear Burgers
Just some burgers...I seasoned and wrapped the burgers with bacon, then smoked them on my drum with a bit...
Reverse Sear Pork Tenderloin
Injected Tenderloin with Teriyaki and Italian Dressing. Cooked on Memphis @ 275 until Internal hit 130- then wrapped tenderloin...
Ribbed for pleasure
wasn't smoked, I just wanted to put something up here...tasted great


2 hours prior to cooking, season 1" thick aged ribeye on both sides with freshly cracked pepper and a...


Season boneless 2lb ribeye, 2-1/2" thick and let sit at room temp for an hour. I used fresh...
Ribeye Roast
Rub outside of room temperature roast with crushed garlic then dust with seasoning salt & Mrs. Dash. Put on...


Tried Big Poppas 210 for 6hr method, works great.Trim up, apply rub, cook, sauce at meal time if you...
Ribs Again
Same ribs again, just trying out a new smoker. Cleaned then rubbed ribs with Hasty Bake red rub &...
Ribs for Mama, Burger for Poppa
Momma want WINGS and I wanted a Burger we split the vegetables- grilled zuchinni, red peppers, and asparagus. ...
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