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Fried Avocado & Chorizo Stuffed Pablano
Dice avocado to 1/2" chunks, freezeRoll in eggs, cayenne, flour, and bread crumbs Deep fry in vegetable oilHollow...
Fried Potato and Ham Stuffed Fattie
I fried some cubed potatoes, onions and ham in butter, cooled and added cheese and minced jalapenos.Stuffed into my...
Gaga Skirt Steak
Olive OilPepperSaltGarlicRosemaryRed Pepper FlakesCoat Flank-steak in olive oil. Season well w/ kosher salt, blk pepper, minced garlic 2 cloves...
Game Hens
Apply rub & somke, tasy little birds!
Georgia Boys and Girly Sausage
Step mother and wife got the girly chicken sausage from Costco. I get the GA Boys. Corn...
Goat Cheese Stuffed Spatchcock Chicken
Ok...long time no post! You lurkers need to start voting for some of these fine efforts by our...
Grass Fed Filet Mignon
Used 3 Eyez Seasoning, Red Baron Spice, Pepper Plant BBQ sauce as the marinade in the Marinade Express. ...
Grilled Artichokes
Wow Wow Wow! I am going to cook these so many times the family will be dreaming of artichokes!...
Grilled Chicken
I made a quick brine, as I decided to do this chicken late in the afternoon. About 1 o'clock...
Grilled Halibut
After all the meat over the holidays we needed a break. Got a great cooking tip for fish from...
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