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Dill Rainbow Trout
Fillet of Rainbow or Salmon (Skin on) Mix 1/2 cup finely chopped fresh dill1 cup Maricle Whip 2...
Drunk Chicken
Drunk Chicken using a Chicken Rocket.Rocket Fuel1/2 stick butter1 Tablespoon Minced Garlic1 Tablespoon All Spice1 Tablespoon Honey1 teaspoon Bayou...
Dry Run Turkey
OK Did two 12 pounders as a dry run. Am going to cook 4 birds on the ABS...
Dungeness Crab Fattie!
OK DId the bacon weave then pressed the Jimmy Dean sausage on top of the bacon. Added Dungeness Crab,...
Easter Smoked Turkey
I was in charge of cooking the turkey this year for Easter. A perfect opportunity to smoke my first...
Escolar Fish
I was excited to cook these, as the butcher told me they were the most popular fish out there....
Fat Cap Tri Tip
-Trim bottom and sides of tri-tip-Butterfly fat cap only-Dry rub all of the meat, especially under fat cap. I...
Fathers Day Extravaganza
Fathers Day Feast!!Had a great fathers day and really broke in the Memphis!Cooked a 7 lb beef tenderloin, 2...
Bacon Wrapped Fattie with Jimmy Dean Sausage and a cream cheese and green chili mix.


Now I can say I have cooked a fatty, not sure I will do it again as my chest...
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