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Chocolate Chip Cookies
Toll House Cookies made from the back of the Chocolate Chip packagejust make sure to add 1/4 more flour...
Chorizo ABT"s
I took a mix of Green and Red Jalapenos, de-ribbed and seeded them, put some cream cheese in a...
Christmas Pulled Pork
John's Special Homemade Rub and Injected with Apple CiderDave pointed out that colder weather burns pellets faster.HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO...
Citrus Chipotle Salmon
In a small saucepan melt a half a cube of butter, the juic o one orange, and two squeezes...
Citrus Olive Oil Swordfish
OK I love Swordfish....Politically incorrect but so am I.Preheat to MAK 400 with grill grates over the direct zoneI...
Citrus Salmon
2 Salmon fillets from a silver or King salmon. double the recipe if you were lucky enough to catch...
Country Pork ribs
Smoked at 375 for 1 1/2 hours
Country Style Ribs
Mama brought home these fat Country Style Ribs. With only my Charbroil in operation I removed one of...
Crab Stuffed Trout
Crab Stuffed Smoked Rainbow TroutAs I walked past the fish counter of a local grocery store, I spotted some...
Cured Pork Loin & Cornbread
This was my first time using the Memphis Pro...I butterflied a pork loin, did a quick cure by mixing...
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