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Smoked Lobster Tails!
Split Lobster Tails bellysideLightly salted and peppered Place on Smoker at 350 degrees10 minutes into smoking, bathe the tails...
Smoked Scallop Salad
KAREN'S SCALLOP SALADScallopEnglish hot house) cucumberolive oilSmoked saltScallops butterflied and marinated in LIME juice for at least 10 minutes.Place...
Sopressata Wrapped Scallop
ScallopSopressataPasta OrecchetteWrap scallop in Sopressata using toothpicks to hold.Place on Frog Mat for 7 minutes.Cook pasta al dente. ...
Swordfish ala wee willy
OK I got Wee Willy's White Sauce and His Steak seasoning that has garlic pepper orange and lemon...sounded good...
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