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Tried Big Poppas 210 for 6hr method, works great.Trim up, apply rub, cook, sauce at meal time if you...
Ribs Again
Same ribs again, just trying out a new smoker. Cleaned then rubbed ribs with Hasty Bake red rub &...
Ribs on the Pro
Sauce style ribs. Low and slow. Rub down and smoke for 2 hours then flip and sauce...
edited 7-4-2010preheat the smoker to 225- 250 You chooseprepare the ribs with Frenches "glue" Mustard Used bone sucking...
Single Malt Ribs
I used a generic sauce newmans)but with a kick!emtpy your marindateinto a bowladd 1 small glass of Scotch whiskey...
Smoked Butts
I have a family reunion this saturday. I am doing 3 butts from 3 different smokers. My MAK, Bradley...
Smoked Rack Of Pork
Time to try the American Barbecue Systems All Star....It should be called the little stud.Pre Heated to 250 Both...
Spare Ribs

Spare Ribs

First try with the smoker. Tasted good, excited to try new things. Not really sure how I did it....
Spare Ribs
Added a mixture of left over dry rubs and sprayed wit Pam. Threw em on the PK on the...


To add an extra layer of flavor to the ribs, I brushed them with bacon drippings. Then sprinkled with...
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