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Cheeseburger Fattie
Thick sliced bacon lattice sprinkled with Montreal steak seasoningRoll out 2 lbs hamburger meatAdd bacon slices cooked earlier on...
Chicken bacon fattie
Well I seen a few fatties so I thought I would try my own.4 boneless Chicken breast1 lbs bacon3...
Chicken Quesadilla Casserole
Sorry for the amount of pictures but this takes some explaining Great dish for leftovers like steak, pulled pork...
Chocolate Chip Cookies
Toll House Cookies made from the back of the Chocolate Chip packagejust make sure to add 1/4 more flour...
Cured Pork Loin & Cornbread
This was my first time using the Memphis Pro...I butterflied a pork loin, did a quick cure by mixing...
Fat Cap Tri Tip
-Trim bottom and sides of tri-tip-Butterfly fat cap only-Dry rub all of the meat, especially under fat cap. I...
Fathers Day Extravaganza
Fathers Day Feast!!Had a great fathers day and really broke in the Memphis!Cooked a 7 lb beef tenderloin, 2...


Now I can say I have cooked a fatty, not sure I will do it again as my chest...


Set MAK on High - Let it get to 450 and then place Filets on Grill Grates over the...
Filet ala Peter Luger
Got to use the Son of Brisket smoker for the 1st time. This thing's really nice. Very well built....
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