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Recipes by ZCZ10

Breakfast on the Memphis
Boiled some potatoes the night before. Cut them up this AM for American Fried Potatoes along with onions,...
Cast Iron Beef Brisket
Here's another method of doing beef brisket. Told to me by a co-worker who tasted it at David's...
Cherry Chocolate Cake
Baking this summer? When it's hot outside do your baking outside!Here's an easy cake for you CHOCOHOLICS. Chocolate...
Add a dessert to the end of your next cook the next time you are entertaining friends.They might like...
Pizza Sandwich
Here's an easy and tasty sandwich that's PACKED with flavor.Use your favorite bread loaf. Cut in half lengthwise,...
Ribs on the Pro
Sauce style ribs. Low and slow. Rub down and smoke for 2 hours then flip and sauce...
Steak Dinner
Had some thick top sirloin to grill up today.Baked some potatoes at 375 for about an hour.Then grilled the...
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