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Recipes by Peter DuBaldo

Almost Vegetarian Fattie
Begin with bacon lattice & Hasty-Bake original rub 'n spiceAdd 5 links of Perri hot sausage, casing removed, and...
Bacon Boats
Begin by boating hot Italian sausage. Sprinkle some rub inside the boat I used Plowboys).Take a 1" cube...
Chicken with White Sauce
At 550 sear both sides of the chicken breasts on Grill Grates, 2 minutes per sideReduce heat to 325,...
Hubba Hubba Bubba Burgers
Preheat!Place frozen Bubba Burger patties on Grill Grates and do not flip until juices flow and fat begins to...


2 hours prior to cooking, season 1" thick aged ribeye on both sides with freshly cracked pepper and a...


Season boneless 2lb ribeye, 2-1/2" thick and let sit at room temp for an hour. I used fresh...
Wife's Ribeye
Boneless with Wee Willy's dry steak marinade. Cooked to the warmer side of medium instead of medium...
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