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Recipes by Joseph Romano

Big Poppa Ribs
If this recipe looks familiar, well I just copied and pasted BP's directions WHY REINVENT THE WHEEL):preheat the smoker...


Set MAK on High - Let it get to 450 and then place Filets on Grill Grates over the...
MAK Pizza

MAK Pizza

Went to Trader Joes and got some pre-made wheat and traditional Pizza Dough. Did a cheese, a Pepperoni,...
Peppered Beef Jerky
I thinly sliced 2 Flank Steaks and put in the Marinator for 20 minutes - Onion Powder, Garlic Pepper,...
Pork Shoulder
Injected Pork with Apple Juice,Fresh Squeezed Orange,Beer, Chipotle Tobasco,Garlic Salt, and Old Bay Seasoning.Then put rub on the Pork...
Pork Shoulder Soup
I used Big Poppa's exact recipeso go read his link) except for the stock I used chicken stock and...
Prime Rib
Placed Prime Rib in Tumbler with - EVOO,Garlic Pepper,2 Buck Chuck,Fresh Parsley,Fresh Onion,Onion Powder,Fresh Garlic, Worcestershire and let it...
Prime Ribeye
Rub Ribeye with EVOO, Garlic Salt, Garlic Pepper, Big Bob Gibson BBQ Seasoning. Preheat MAK to 425 and...
Simple Shrimp Salad
Marinaded shrimp in Good Seasons Salad Dressing, Squeezed Orange, Squeezed Lemon and Fresh Garlic. Put in Tumbler for 20...
Smoked Lobster Tails
Cut the Lobster tails in half. Dripped EVOO over each tail in the Pyrex. Then Sprinkled Italian Bread...
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