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Recipes by Jafrey711

Bacon Cheese Chicken
Three chicken breast that were marinated in a Hawaiian marinade with honey mustard,teriyaki, lemon pepper, garlic powder, pepper and...
Bacon Wrapped Sirloin
I started by marinating two sirloin steaks with beer, worchester sauce, teriyaki sauce , garlic salt, black pepper...
Breakfast Fattie
Fatty with fried potatoes, scrambled egg, bell peppers and onions with 4 fried corn tortillas in the middle. Seasoned...
Bacon Wrapped Fattie with Jimmy Dean Sausage and a cream cheese and green chili mix.


Now I can say I have cooked a fatty, not sure I will do it again as my chest...
Fillet Mingon with Blue Cheese
Season the Fillet Mingon with a Montreal steak steak seasoning and garlic salt. Wrapped the sides with bacon.Used my...
Fire Cracked Ribs
St Louis Spare ribs with garlic salt, pepper, paprika, chili powder and a little rub I use on my...
Meatball Sanni
Miked ground beef with Italian seasoning and bread crumbs with Garlic olive Oil .. Mage Giant meat balls then...
Pork But Burritos
Here is something that I really enjoy making. Make your standard issue pork but. I like mine spicy so...
Smoked Ham
So I started with a uncooked ham. I lathered in honey . Then seasoned with brown sugar,paprika,pepper and garlic...
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