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Recipes by Drew Montell

Bacon Rollers
-Slice up white or sourdough bread into crustless 1" wide strips about the length of your bacon strips.-Roll the...
Chicken Thigh Tryouts
Salt and Pepper both sidesI tried 4 different marinades/sauces:-Injected Yoshida's, Teriyaki garlic marinade-Injected and marinaded with Franks Red Hot-Marinaded...
Fat Cap Tri Tip
-Trim bottom and sides of tri-tip-Butterfly fat cap only-Dry rub all of the meat, especially under fat cap. I...
Flank Steak Pinwheel
Marinate with Mr. Yoshida's cooking sauceSalt both sidesFill with blue cheese, pine and/or walnuts, and parsleyRoll into a pinwheelApply...
Pepper Poppers
Jalapenos:-Slice lengthwise, remove seeds, drizzle soy sauce-Fill pepper with cream or blue cheese you can add other seasonings/herbs like...
Smoked Pineapple Salsa
-Halve a peeled ripe pineapple and smoke both sides for about 15 minutes, pull and dice into 1/4" cubes-Mince...
Smoked Tomatillo Salsa
-12 Tomatillos about the size of Roma tomatoes or smaller)-1 Yellow onion-1 Avocado firm, not too ripe)-1 Jalapeno-1.5 Cups...
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